Friday’s Letters

Dear Legs, ouch. After a week off, you have definitely shown me why vacations from the gym aren’t such a great thing. I won’t be doing that again. Please don’t make me look silly when I walk up & down the stairs today! Dear Apple Crisp Bars, see previous letter. YOU have been a thorn in my side this week. Sitting on the counter. Taunting me. Basically screaming…EAT me. Not cool, full of sugar & fat bars. It’s possible I’m throwing you away today. So to the people that live in this house, eat them fast or their going to the dump. Dear Husband, you skipped out on the gym again this week. Shame on you. Next week you’ll be feeling the pain though, so that will be fun. For me. Not you. Dear Lauren, I love love love my headband! Although I feel my head is funky shaped & I haven’t mastered how to actually wear it, I’m so excited to figure it out & rock the bright yellow flower!


Dear Spending Freeze, we survived one week. Almost. I’ve avoided all forms of stores, besides stuffmart & I feel pretty good. Except for the minor heart palpitations I may have had when my friend told me she has Kohl’s coupons that total 35% off for next weekend. Yea, I had to practice deep breathing during that conversation. Dear Birthday, you’re coming quick, like 10 days quick & I don’t know how I feel about it. Time to buck up & trust God with this thing called life. Dear Soul Detox, you have been an amazing eye opener this week. My heart is full with God’s word and truth. And conviction. I’m full of toxicity & it’s time I got control over it & gave it the boot. Instead, I want to replace it with God’s grace. The #shereadstruth community has been pretty stellar too.


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Bex said...

Well done on your spending freeze, keep it up!xo

Lauren said...

So hard to keep a spending freeze for a whole month!!! It's so hard! Keep it up!