Lockin It Up.

…my debit card, that is. That’s right people I’m on a spending freeze.

Ick. Ack. Yuck.

Some people..cough-my husband-cough…think I have a shopping problem. And to that I say absolutely, 100% not. You’re right.

So bring on the spending freeze.

He told me I probably couldn’t do it. So I say, challenge accepted.

I know you’re all reading this thinking, well golly, stop complaining about not being able to buy yourself something. And did I really just say golly? Clearly I’m taking this rather hard.

I just love to browse through Old Navy or Kohls at least twice a week. Just to look. And see what’s popular. Which ends up with new things in my wardrobe & less money in the bank account.

Now, I’ll tell ya’ll what I won’t be lockin up.


My Blue Raspberry Slurpee from the brand new 7eleven that just opened less than 5 minutes from my house! I mean it’s only a dollar. Although I should probably give up my iced capps & taco bell trips. Or maybe I’ll keep those & just scrounge up the loose change in the car to help fund them.

I can totally do this. Can’t I? I just have to stop tempting myself. Like how I told Mikey I’d go on a spending freeze Friday night & then went to Kohl’s Saturday & gawked at a super adorbs ring. That would have been over $20. First of all I’d never pay that much for a ring from Kohl’s & second of all….I TOTALLY walked away! It was hard. My friends might have had to coach me on. But I did it.

So basically, I need all of you to shop. In honor of me! I’ll be living vicariously through you. So get busy. Don’t disappoint.

And if you need an idea on what you should buy first…


Why not a giant, floppy hat from Marshall’s?

Oh & if you’re curious about how long this little challenge is being posed? Hubby says indefinitely, I say let’s start with 30 days & see what happens. Come on July 2nd!

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Ruthie Hart said...

you can do it girl!!!!!!