3 Years.

Today marks a very special celebration. The day, 3 years ago, that I said I do. The day I became one with my soul mate. The day I agreed to walk this life, hand in hand, side by side with the man God prepared for me.

I don’t think I could ever express my joy when I think about this life I get to live with my husband. He is undoubtedly my best friend. He is my protector. My provider. My lover. My comedian. My partner.

Today will be filled with giggles as we remember our unique wedding day. One filled with an outdoor ceremony, in the {unexpected} rain. With no shelter or tents for our guests. With the rainbow that appeared the moment we were pronounced husband & wife. With the speeches that brought tears. With the dances that evoked emotion in the passing of responsibility from our parents to our spouse. With the cake “smashing”. With the stolen glances. With the abundance of  kisses provoked by glass tapping. With the simple pleasure of starting our life as man & woman surrounded by those who mattered most to us.

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{this might be one of my favorite pictures. my dads shaking hands. acknowledging that they both raised me. and that they were both giving me away}6288_1202517024416_1273290613_30593844_1917460_n[1]
One year anniversary…
party46 resized
{and what we really spent our anniversary doing…cleaning up after a tornado struck my in-laws house}
Two year anniversary…
hubby and me 2
Three year anniversary…

I love you Michael James. 
You are an answer to prayer. 
I have found the one my soul longs for.

(check in tomorrow for some "funny" pics of our special day)


Ruthie Hart said...

your wedding pictures are SO beautiful! congratulations and happy anniversary!

Digger said...

Happy Anniversary!! You guys are adorable! Seriously! I love all these pictures!!