A Cheery Surprise

In the midst of a tough week, I was given this…


And for a brief moment, my heart smiled. The end.

Hah. Just kidding, my heart hasn’t stopped smiling since I was given this fine piece of arm jewelry!!!!!! If you read my blog at all you should be aware of my longing for a DSLR & the complete truth that I wasn’t getting one. At least not for a very longgggggg time.

Well low and behold, I have an extra sweet friend who had this ‘ol thing just lying around and thought she would share.

And by lying around, I mean that literally since she owns her own photography business and is currently upgrading to a super duper high tech awesome outstanding new nikon.

Can you imagine my gratefulness? Well no I guess you can’t since you don’t hear me tell her thank you every time I see her. Or tell her how obsessed and photo crazy I’ve been since getting my hands on this.  Or how my husband says I get a giddy goofy grin on my face whenever I look at it. Or how my GLOW girls all marveled at how many pictures their leader could snap in an hours time.

It’s love people. Definitely love.

Look out for some much nicer pict-chas on this here new & improved blog of mine!


And if you’re in the market for pictures of any kind & you are local (or less than 2 hours away), contact the girl who’s helping fulfill my dreams of taking legit pictures for a session. She’s seriously talented & makes posing super comfortable. Wait who am I kidding? I was born for posing. In front of the camera, not posing like copying people. That I won’t do. I’m rambling. Her husband is a pretty funny assistant too. So all in all, you’ll have a blast & get some bomb pictures for your mantle! Have I enticed you yet? Good, go here to get pricing & availability or here to check her out on facebook.

{And if you’re curious about what “local” is, email me to go through a top of the line security check so I know you aren’t some creepy stalker. Ok, it’s not really top of the line but a girl’s got some questions to keep it safe.}


This Crazy Little Nest said...

Oh my good golly!!! How exciting! What an amazing gift!! Can't wait to see all of the photos you snap. Happy snapping :)

Faith said...

That's AWESOME!!! How exciting!!! Having a DSLR is awesome. And of course if you need help learning how to use it you know I've got the e-class for you ;)