My Birthday


My 25th birthday was last month & let’s just say I was anything but excited for it. Not because I’m upset about the number, I’m upset with what isn’t done by the time I turned this number. I had big plans & a big to-do list to be done before I hit the old quarter of a century. I wanted to be married. CHECK. I wanted to be a teacher. Kind of CHECK. I wanted to have my own home. FAIL. I wanted to be a mama. FAIL.

Mainly it was the mama part that made me real sad. I know, I’m not at the point to have children yet because of x, y, & z. I’ve heard it a million times lately from everyone around me. And ya know what? I think that made it harder. Knowing that those closest to me don’t think I’m ready to be a mom. That might be what hurt the most. It’s a funny thing, life plans. We can spend a ton of time planning our life & then God comes in and says “wait a minute, who’s in control here?” It’s a daily effort for me to wake up and thank Him for a new day. For an amazing husband. For faithful friends. For having me exactly where I’m supposed to be at this year in life.


My sweet friends, Theresa & Jamie, knew that my special day wasn’t really so special. So, together with the hubby, they planned a little surprise dinner at one of my favorite restaurants! Complete with ice cream cake! It was a time of sweet conversations & giggles, and a general acceptance that this life of mine is full of happiness & love.


{Of course they got me a glow wand & balloons, that ended up flying away!}


And a big thank you to my man who will admit he is awful at being romantic & planning surprises, but clearly with the help of some friends he can pull something off that makes my heart smile big!


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caitlin said...

looks like you had a great birthday :)