Silly Faces with Conner Monner


My little man was in town for the past week & can we just talk about how cute he is? I mean seriously, isn’t it illegal for a 4 yr old to be this adorable? Dude had a thing with self portraits. He thought it was all the rage & who was I to squish his fun. So I did what any super rad auntie would do. I joined in.


Love this kid. Breaks my heart when he goes home to AZ. I kept teasing him that I wasn’t going to let him go this time, and he told his mama to keep it a secret that they were leaving so auntie liz wouldn’t be sad. Be still my achy breaky heart.



Meg Cady said...

Too stinking CUTE!!
Looks like yall had a great time!

Bri Buzali said...

oh my goodness he is precious! I can't wait until my brothers start having kids! They're going to be spoiled!