If You Really Knew Me..

Of course when I saw the amazing Jenni do this, I had to jump on board!

If you really knew me…

>You’d know I have awful eyesight but refuse to wear glasses, let alone contacts. Someday I’m bound to end up with tri-focals.

>You’d know I used to hate coffee. Completely despise it, the smell made me sick. And then one day during student teaching that all changed. Now I can’t live a day without a cup o’ joe!

>You’d know my hubby & I have been together 9 years. He was totally my high school sweetheart. And he was totally “hanging out” with my best friend just a few weeks before we officially became boy & girl.

>You’d know I’m super sentimental. I’m that girl that wants a card. There’s just something about knowing someone had to spend time in the card isle picking out the perfect card to represent our relationship. Some might say I hoard these cards, but I call it ”giving myself the chance to share these memories with my grandchildren” (You’d also know that this drives Mr. crazy, since he is the complete opposite)

>You’d know that I don’t talk to 3 out of 4 friends that were in my wedding. Life has simply taken us in different directions.

>You’d know that my dream has been to work with children. And that dream was fulfilled for one very short year when I taught 1st grade. And then quickly squashed when I lost my job. But that now God is completely working on my heart about what the dream actually looks like. And in what avenue I’ll be working with children.

>You’d know that I am a book worm. The librarians in every city I’ve lived have known me by name.

>You’d know that I feel guilt. Sounds strange. Even when I’ve done nothing wrong or something so teeny-tiny wrong, I feel tremendous guilt. Like knot in my stomach type guilt.

>You’d know I have been dependent on Diet Coke as my source of energy ever since I worked at a movie theater. And just recently decided to officially kick the habit before it ends up kicking me.

>You’d know I hate that my hubby needs to sleep with a fan blowing on him which ends up blowing on me. But that when he’s gone, I can’t handle the silence and end up turning the fan on and blocking it with pillows. Oh & on the topic of sleeping, I’m a total bed hog.

>You’d know I read into every. stinkin. thing. It’s a problem I’ve been giving to God lately & making an effort to simply let things go.

>You’d know I’d love to start a photography business but can’t afford the initial investment. {Update: A dear friend of mine is willing to share her fancy schmancy camera with me & let me tag along on some of her shoots!}

>You’d know I love with everything I have. My heart is always on my sleeve. My thoughts are always on my tongue (and much to some dismay, I overshare a little too much)

>You'd know I have baby fever. In an extreme form. But I also have a strong urge to pay off debt before hubs & I become parents. Luckily my friend just had an itty-bitty baby that I plan on cuddling & loving on until I have my own!

Wasn’t that fun? If I really knew you, what would I know?


Ruthie Hart said...

I can't get over that beautiful picture of you!!!!!! STUNNING! And loved learning more about you girl...we sleep with a fan on at night mostly for the noise haha. and baby fever...CHECK

Claire said...

So fun! I want to do it now!!! I don't know if mine would be quite as cute and interesting though :) Laughed at your third one... I remember that he was hanging out with your best friend shortly before you guys got together! I remember being like "wait, wasn't he with >>>her?" you guys are too adorable though, I'm serious! Love it! All those pictures you just posted on facebook make me seriously want to grab my hubby and go do a romantic shoot... just the two of us :)

Hope you're doing well!!!

Allison said...

great post! I actually hated coffee until around the time I started student teaching,. I think it is a survival thing. Like it or you won't survive the early mornings and late nights! Learned a lot about you! I may have to do one of these too. thanks for opening your heart.