Friday’s Letters

Dear Readers, today’s letters might take on a more debbie-downer style. Sorry about that. Life’s just in a debbie-downer phase right now. I’ll try to throw in the positives! Dear Husband, thank you for smiling. Seriously. Your smile can completely change my mood & yesterday, that smile saved me from countless tears. Dear Car, you made me very sad. Why did you have to just go and break on me? It’s not right & not nice. You’re teaching me patience. Or is that the Lord? Dear Husband’s Car, I’d appreciate if you put some lifts on. I’m not used to ducking myself into a sedan & I have the welt (& headache) to prove it. Since I’ll probably be driving you rather frequently over the next week, please be nice to my forehead. Dear G-Bug, I’m crazy happy that you’re surgery went well. I’d be lost without your sweet smile & I’m in love with your new voice!

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Dear ER Bill #2, where in the world did you come from? I was just bragging how affordable bill #1 was & then you show up. On the day my car, that I still owe mega money on, dies no less. Dear Husband, please remember your needle-nose pliers when you fish. Enough said. Dear Kristan, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sneak-peak of our photo-shoot! You are amazing & incredibly talented. I couldn’t ask for a better friend that owns a photography business. And I’m uber excited to start working with you!


Dear Yellow Nail Polish, I thought you would be amazing, but you are runny & you’re chipping real fast. You keep this up & you won’t last long. Dear Weather, I love you. You have been hot & beautiful. Even the little bit of rain you dropped yesterday didn’t bother me. It’s summer & you are delivering. Dear God, You are teaching me endless lessons lately. As much as I try to avoid them. Thank you for your unfailing love. Dear SheReadsTruth, you are smacking me in the face. I fell behind on the last plan & in my grumpy state last night tried catching up. And the day I had to start on was, well let’s just say, there was a reason I was forced to read you. Truth overflowed from the verse. These hiccups in my life may seem giant & unchangeable, but I’m not in control of my life. And I don’t get to write the pages of my story. It’s already been written. I just have to seek Him to find my next step. Dear Kahlan. you are beautiful & amazing & innocent & precious & I’m already in love with you. I told your mama that your big sis has me wrapped around her finger & I’m pretty sure you already do too. Can’t wait to watch you grow into a GLOW girl!

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Christine Bryant said...

Hey Liz...Happy Friday!!

Our Friday's Letters sound kinda similar...both of us were both a little down and out this week and out weather was funky for it to be summertime. I hope the brokedown car doesn't set you back too much...and THANK YOU, cause you just reminded me to lump on the SHE READS TRUTH train...I kinda need that in my life right now...

Nice to meet you, girlie
#NewFolllower from Friday's Letters

Be Blessed <3

Nicholl Vincent said...

a photography business together?! so fun!

Come to thechiffondiary.blogspot.com and say hello!


Rural Rach said...

Cute letters! The photo in a field looks amazing!

Stopping by from the link up!

-Rachel { A Dash of Southern }