Summer Journals {for GLOW}


I found this fun idea of giving a summer journal to kids out in blogland & thought it would be the perfect send off for my GLOW girls! But these can’t be just any journals, they have to represent something. So I made a bucket list to be included. Each time the girls do something from the list, they have to write about it in their journals! So far they are loving them!

I started with a basic composition notebook & washi tape.


But quickly realized that simply peeling the top layer off the composition notebook wasn’t gonna cut it. Maybe on the comps of my day, but definitely not on the comps of 2012. Those babies are cheap!


So I improvised. I put a little Mod-Podge on the cover & then put a piece of gray cardstock on top.


Of course ya gotta let that stuff dry!


Then, I used my box cutter to trim the excess paper. And yes, I called it MY box cutter. Doesn’t every crafter have one? Problem solved. Bam.


Definitely the hardest part of this whole project was deciding which tape pattern to use. Yep. I struggle with being indecisive. And repetitive. They all gotta be different, ok?


But then another problem. The inside cover was full of “references” that I didn’t need!


I had to lift up the already placed tape. Then I cut white cardstock to fit the inside & mod-podged it on. And folded the tape back over.


I attached the summer fun lists with washi-tape in case I ever want to change them out.


For the labels, I was hoping to use my cricut but I can’t figure out how to design something on the computer then hook my cricut to the computer to print it. I emailed a legend in the cricut world but the answer didn’t come before I needed the project finished & bummer alert: still confused after the answer! So I printed the labels on scrapbook paper & busted out the flower cutter. Of course I sized the text box in Word to fit the cutter.


I love how they turned out! And so did my sweet GLOW girls! They were so excited, they shouted “YAY” for the picture.


I’ve said it before & I’ll say it forever, I’m beyond blessed to be a part of these girls lives.

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Amanda said...

Wow!! These are so cool, you are so creative and talented - those girls are beyond blessed to have YOU too! :-) I want to make myself one now hahah