Dear Friday.


Dear Friday, Thank the Lord above you are here! I think I say this every single week. But really, doesn’t Friday just symbolize so much excitement from y’all? Or is that just me?


Dear Best Friends, you are amazing. I had so much fun on our little girls trip last night & am feeling brand spankin new today after lots of giggles and girl talk! Thank you for being God-sent encouragers in my life. I think it’s safe to say you both make me a better gal. Sappy much?


Dear Husband, you are seriously blowing up the husband role. In a great way, not the uh-oh that bomb just went off and destroyed everything way. Whenever we talk about serious stuff, it’s like you’re actually listening to me and it’s basically amazing, not that you haven’t been doing that already, but wow there is a light at the end of our tunnel and it’s making me giddy! I love you like a pig loves mud.


Dear Thumb, you are jammed or sprained. And you hurt A LOT. And you’re just continuing to swell and turn purple and get hard. I’m considering amputating. Yes, yes I’m that dramatic. Maybe this letter should really be titled Dear Volleyball since it’s totally your fault that I now can’t hold my coffee cup with my left hand or text properly. It’s sad. Priorities people.


Dear WebCam, thanks for being there when I was bored on my lunch today. Such a good pal you are.


Dear Fall, you’re definitely here & I wore my boots today! It felt good. Now I just need some wasil & I’d be good to go. Oh and I need some long shirts so that I can acceptably wear leggings and boots to work every day without showing my rear end to my 5 yr old students.  Dear Readers, I don’t know if you’re even still there, but if you are thank ya! I told you it was going to get sporadic around here because, ya know, I’m a working girl again. No not that type of working girl, I teach kindergarten. Geesh. And I’ve lived up to that statement. I took a few things off my plate and was all like “woot, I’ll have time to blog now” and then I kind of filled that plate up again and got all like “bummer, no time to blog and update my peeps” But don’t you fret, I’m still here. Reading all your posts and stalking following along.


Dear Self, Go ice your thumb & teach how to write the letter N. Yes at the same time. You’re gifted. How’s that for a pep-talk. Go get ‘em tigers.

Happy weekend friends!

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SimplyyMayra said...

Hola Liz!
Wow! What an awesome post! Funny too! I really enjoyed it! Tootles!

~SimplyyMayra :)