Long time, no talk?

Well hello there! Where have I been you ask? 
Went on a double date with my cuz & her man.

Made silly faces with my cutie patootie sisters.

Cheered these weirdo’s on in some intense volleyball games.

Kicked off a new season of GLOW!

Packed out the house & started 3 services at church!!

Got my hair done by 2  professional stylists.

Then I got a real hair cut. Complete with bangs.

Went to the pumpkin patch. $20 for a pumpkin?! People are crazy.

Painted pumpkins with my kindergartners!

Watched another GLOW girl get baptized!!

DSC_0032 2
Had a fun amateur photo shoot of this little princess!

DSC_0048 3
And this chick couldn’t be left out of the picture taking!

Celebrated my best friends birthday with the triple bypass burger.

Went to the Chris Tomlin concert.

Got to worship with my handsome hubby.

See. There’s perfectly good reasons why I haven’t been around much. Hopefully I can get a better routine down, but right now I’m home about 1 night a week & that’s just not time I spend blogging. I spend it eating junk and catching up on the DVR. Judge me, dare ya. Hope life’s fantastic in your parts of the world!


Ruthie Hart said...

No lie I thought of you today and wondered how you were! Babies in pumpkins..melt my heart! And so encouraging to see your glow girls get baptized

Allison said...

I was just wondering where you've been and I started to get worried I unfollowed you on Bloglovin by accident! Good to know you are okay. Let life take you away from blogging for a while if need be! that is more important anyways right?

Allison said...

also, have you heard of this blog http://www.darlingcompanionblog.com It made me think of you and your glow girls and how you impact them. If you haven't heard of it you should check it out then send your girls to check it out too!