Friday’s Letters

Dear Husband: Tonight we are celebrating your birthday with mexican & friends! Wooot! So happy I get to spend this life with you! And I promise I’ll start helping with the puzzle. And by promise I mean it’s a slight, teeny-tiny possibility. Dear Water: Are you seriously my new bff? I feel lost when you’re gone. Dear Clementine's: You make my heart happy & my hands stinky. Dear Baby: You really want us to see your hands! Every time we get to watch you, you’re always waving! You’re already amazing! Dear Waist/Belly: You’re here. Now if you could just blend together nicely I wouldn’t be mad about it.
IMG_3388                  IMG_3391
Dear lock screen: I find myself looking at you all the time. It’s a frequent reminder that I’m not in control of this thing I call life. Dear Lord: I’m already struggling with my word for the year. Help me to completely hand it all over to You.  You already know the outcome to our living arrangement's and money woes, all I need to do is trust. Dear Coffee: You’re definitely a mind game. Decaf doesn’t taste any different but it just doesn’t feel the same. 5 more months friend, 5 more months. Dear Blog Friends: Thank you for all the comments, emails, and support since we announced little Baby Edwards! I’m hoping to be back to a bit more of regular posting soon!


Pamela said...

LOOK at that CUTE, tiny hand!! That is seriously the most precious thing ever!!

Allison Leighann. said...

That is so beautifully precious!
And I love that lock screen. My family loves puzzles as well, so I feel your pain, haha. (:

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I love what I see! Definitely a new follower here.


Claire said...

I love your heart Liz. And I love your lock screen!!!! Good reminder for me tonight :)

Shay said...

Your little belly is just adorable and I LOVE that baby waves, that is just too cute! My nine-month old just started waving regularly and its the BEST!