Jam in the Winter.

2 weeks ago my friend Sara and I took my sister & her daughter to the Winter Jam tour! It was awesome! A packed arena full of people there to worship God. And rock out to some pretty amazing artists!


At McDonalds, ready to fill our bellies & stand in the freezing cold to get our tickets!


Inhaling our food so our fingers don’t freeze off! It was so cold! Seriously, I thought I’d be good in a sweater and a coat. I was wrong! I think I lost feeling in my fingertips and kneecaps pretty quickly!


Our seats compared to where the stage was. We didn’t want to get floor seats because I knew I’d want to sit at some point. So we sat in the second row from the floor! Great seats if you ask me, or better yet the girls. They approved!


Cute little best friends!!


Little baby e’s second concert! He/she loved it, I’m sure! Mama, however realized she is definitely not young & spry anymore. I was tired and ready for bed about halfway through. Not that the concert wasn’t a blast, it was..I think my body was just done with the day.


My sweet friend Sara!


Jamie Grace & Toby Mac. I only snapped pictures of these two. But the concert consisted of Royal Taylor, RED, OBB, Newsong, Sidewalk Prohets, Matthew West, & speaker Nick Hall. All were amazing. Although, I was a little terrified during RED’s performance. Not my style, perhaps because I couldn’t understand a word they sang.


Love this!


The end was pretty great. I even woke myself up a bit to stand and cheer! It was a confetti mess!


And no trip is complete without a Starbucks breakfast!

Everything about our trip was great! We got there with plenty of time to guarantee we would get tickets. {tickets are only sold at the door, to make it more affordable for everyone, they’re only $10} Besides freezing & having tons of people cut us at the last second, we got great seats. The girls had a blast. Got some t-shirts & bracelets. I only had to spend $4 on a bottle of water inside the arena. We found our hotel quickly & it was very fancy! Ate lots of junk food at midnight! Made it back to NY safely! It was definitely a trip I hope the girls remember for a lifetime! And if you ever have the chance to visit Penn State, I recommend it! I wish we had a whole day to explore. It’s like it’s own little town!

Definitely go to Winter Jam if it comes to a city close to you!!! It’s so worth it! The speaker did an amazing job sharing the message of Christ & I recommend it for youth groups everywhere!

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