Baby E. 19 Weeks

19 weeks 2 edited
{oy, I’m looking like a hot-mess here. the joys of pregnancy & the exhaustion it brings}

Baby E’s Stats

Baby: About the size of a mango! Websites are saying baby is measuring about 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces, but our u/s tech told us baby is between 11-12 ounces! Already ahead of the curve. And he/she is developing their senses this week. Only about 146 more days until baby will really use those senses!

Sleep: Still tossing and turning. I love sleeping on my back. Everyone tells me that my body will let me know when I should switch off my back & besides having an issue with feeling nauseous early on, my back is still comfortable.

Clothing: I LOVE my maternity leggings!! I need 20 more pair so I’m not constantly doing laundry to keep them clean! They are just so comfortable. My normal leggings sit at such an awkward place now & if my shirt is tighter, you can definitely see the seem of where they are lying on my belly. Not attractive, let me tell ya.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I’ve gotten disgusted with my onion bagel every morning. I still need my bagel, so I switched to cinnamon raisin. YUM! Other than that, nothing really. I love my food!

Symptoms: Pain around my belly-button. It’s definitely stretching out & still getting shallow. But the tenderness around it is what causes the pain. Still having sciatic pain. Mostly it’s painful when I go from sitting to standing. My butt just aches during that standing process. I also discovered I have a skin tag. Explain that? Just a little dot on my eye-lid. I thought it was a pimple at first, but it’s clearly not. My mom said she got them during her pregnancies so I’m figuring that’s what it is. Not painful or noticeable to anyone else, so no big deal for now.

Movement: 19 weeks 0 days on the dot! I think I finally determined the difference between gas and baby. Yes, applause please! I was sitting at my desk, so that my stomach was actually touching the desk and felt the tiniest pokes from the inside! I backed away and the poking stopped. Slid back up so my stomach was touching the desk & more pokes! I think baby was telling me “Mama, I don’t like this sitting position!” And now it’s like I feel those pokes & flutter type feelings more. Maybe it’s really because I can tell the difference!

Doctor’s Appointment: Had one this past Tuesday!!

Gender: We know!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll share the secret soon, promise!

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing our little peanut. All 4 chambers of the heart were just a pumping & the brain was all there & working! And no ultrasound was complete without seeing babies hand! Holy batman, our bug has long fingers! Daddy says basketball will be a must!

Thoughts: Emotions are pretty crazy. I thought for sure they’d mellow out after the first trimester, yet here we are well into the second and I’m, at times, all over the place. For example, I hit a cat with my car. And I cried. I killed some child’s pet. Ya wanna know why this is unusual? I hate cats. Yes, hate is the word I choose. I can’t stand cats and hitting one has never been something I thought I’d turn into an emotional basket case about. But I was. Mike thought it was hysterical. No worries, I’m well over this incident now. Clearly I still have my cat dislike quality at the ready. In other news, I can’t wait to really start brainstorming names! We have a few that we “like” but none that are definite options! And no dad, Gino is not going to make the list.

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