Baby E. 21 Weeks

{I think I’m just going to be a week behind throughout this whole documenting process :)}

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Baby E’s Stats

Baby: About the size of a pomegranate! Little miss is spending her time sucking her thumb, opening her eyes, and jabbing mama!

Sleep: Not a whole lot. The body pillow is pretty much just in the way & I toss and turn so much, I hate having to worry about moving it with me. I’m up about every 2 hours, just to look at the clock, roll over, and pray I fall back asleep.

Clothing: Hello bump. Everything is continuing to get tighter & my budget for clothes that fit is also getting tighter. So if you see me on Monday, don’t be surprised if I wear that same outfit 3 days later.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Not this week!

Symptoms: Still having back/butt pain, but at this point I’m learning to deal with it.

Movement: Baby girl is a mover & a shaker!! I can sense a little pattern with her movements now. And she only moves when I’m sitting down or standing completely still!

Doctor’s Appointment: Next week!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here.

Best Moment of the Week: Starting our registry! Mike & I went to Buffalo on Valentine’s Day to get it started! It was so much fun to spend the day with him & shop for Miss E.

Thoughts: The baby registry is hard work! I think we walked around for 15 minutes before we actually started. Just kind of wandering & wondering where to even start! There is so much STUFF! I can’t even handle it. We put some of our bigger items on there, but as we were driving home I realized all of the little things that I definitely forgot! Luckily I can update it through the websites! Also, Mike just continues to blow my mind with how much love he already has for our daughter!!! I’ll say it a million times over, I love that man!

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Alli said...

Your bump is so cute! For sleeping when I was pregnant, I had two big pillows. One for each side. That way I wouldn't worry about having to move one whenever I rolled over and I always had one supporting my back. It was tough though finding a comfortable position. This is just what worked for me :)

Whitney Tomlin said...

You look sooooo cute!

Ruthie Hart said...

could your bump be ANY CUTER??!! I love it! It's so cute and round! And we went to babies r us this weekend just to look around... talk about overwhelming!

Ameryn Marie said...

You look so cute! I've only done online registry so far, I'm scared to go into the stores! lol!

leemeandthegirls said...

Yay for girls! So much fun. :) And such a cute preggar belly.

Liz said...

Thanks lady :)

Liz said...

Thank you!! I think if I used 2 pillows, the hubby would toss them right out of the bed lol!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa Shafer writes: Don't forget to register for a baby swing! The brand we had was called a 'Baby Papasan' by Fisher Price. It was the best thing ever for the first 3 months. Babies love the calming movement and sounds from the swing. You are in for such a wonderful time in your life!!!