Christmas…in March?

I never shared pictures from Christmas & since it’s now March I should probably just scrap this whole post. But I don’t print my pictures very much, which means they stay in random folders on my computer, so this blog is a good way for me to document this life of mine. I limited it to just a small portion of pictures, but feel free to skip.


They take after me, with my hat obsession.


Grandma got us all hand-made scarfs.


I can’t believe this girl is going to be 6 soon. Blows my mind.


Can’t leave out Bandit & his new toys.


My parents got us tickets to see a Christian comedian. He was hysterical. I think I almost peed my pants more than once.


These two….something else, I tell ya.


We got Lexi tickets to Winter Jam & it took her a minute to realize what it was. She read through the entire thing & was kind of like oh cool. It wasn’t until I forced her to read it again, did she catch on to what it meant.


G-bug got a tablet & Lexi got a laptop. In true parent fashion, they made them wait until the end & think that there were no more presents before pulling these out.


Oh hey, our big sisters having a baby!


Love these girls. They are going to be such good aunts!


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