Friday’s Letters


Dear Gianna & Lyra, you two are the cutest. Especially when you put on a concert. That dora microphone & pink guitar suit you both well. Look out America, the next best thing is heading your way…in 20 years. Dear Winter, I love you, I really do, but I’m ok with you going away now. I am so ready for warmer weather and retiring my winter jacket. The groundhog said you were done, but the snow/ice storm we just got is proving him wrong. I want to prove him right! Dear Husband, this week of just you & me has been AH-mazing! It makes me so excited for us to be on our own again. We’ll get to be silly & sing loudly! And I can finally get my purses out of storage! Dear Ring Finger, please stop swelling. I want to wear my wedding rings again & with a bump on top of this pregnancy swelling, that’s just not happening. I’m too cheap to pay to get it resized, so instead I feel like I always have to drop the word “husband” when someone says anything about being pregnant. Dear Friends, thanks for all the love over little Emma (& her name)!!


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Kelly said...

Cute picture!! Stopping over from Friday Letters! Great letters, have a great weekend!