Feeling a bit more free.


I’m not sure if it’s considered “nesting” or just because I don’t have a home to do this to yet, but lately I have felt the urge to organize everything electronic. I wanted to follow this motto of collecting moments, not things. And lately life has felt so much better when I stop worrying about “things” and start enjoying the moments.

I completely overhauled my pinterest boards last week. I went through and completely deleted some boards, like the food one that had almost 700 pins!?!? Seriously! Did I ever think I’d actually accomplish all of those meals? No, especially since they were all just jumbled together. I usually ended up feeling overwhelmed when I even went to that board, because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Now everything is organized into nice little categories & I feel much more at ease about finding AND trying something from my boards.

I also, sadly to some, did a cleanse of my reading list. I know, the horror!! I have been blogging for 3 years & in those 3 years, I have followed A LOT of blogs. Most of which I don’t even remember. My blog list was getting out of control. I was missing posts by ladies I actually want to read because my list was full of blogs I don’t care to read.

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of doing the whole “follow this blog” to enter a giveaway & that was most of my problem. Or I’d come across a blog that didn’t have very many followers & my weak little heart would feel like I needed to support them, even if what they were blogging wasn’t something I’d normally read. Yep. I’m that person. Which made it most difficult when I went to those same blogs, saw they hadn’t gain many more followers, & still unfollowed them. In my defense, MOST of them hadn’t actually written anything in over a year so it’s not like I was ruining their page views.

Besides blogger not actually working correctly & causing me to have to literally click on each blog & unfollow directly from their site, the process felt good. I re-discovered some blogs that I had forgotten about & simply had been scrolling over for months. Now those are the ones that I can’t miss a post!

I've decided I’m no longer going to be “that blogger” who follows a blog just because. Either for a giveaway or because I like their design or they are pretty. Nope. I’m going to follow bloggers who have something I actually want to read. Something I feel fine taking time out of my day to read. Something that is worth reading.

Now when I log-in, I’m not scrolling for pages to find a blog I want to check in on. It’s right there, among a list of other women who are making differences in their little part of internet real estate! It’s been really nice, to put it simply! I feel guilty for lowering someone's “numbers” but I also feel like I am truly loving blogging again because I’m not feeling overwhelmed with all of these blogs I felt like I had to keep up with. I can just enjoy it now.

Which is really what blogging is all about, right?

Enjoying it…those moments that others share…the moments that we share…

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Sarah said...

I recently did a cleanse of my reading list as well and removed a bunch of blogs that haven't posted in over a year. It felt good.