Let’s put all of them together & laugh.

8-15 collage
16-19 collage20-24 collage

Is it bad that I’m giggling right now?  I mean who would have thought that I’d be making these type of collages and posting them to my blog  just 7 months after writing about my desire (& acceptance that it wasn’t happening) to be a mama?

And I might be laughing because of how crazy I look!! Seriously, the human body that God designed is just so out of my realm of understanding!

It looks to me like between 20 & 21 weeks is when this belly really decided to “pop” as they call it. it could just be the difference in clothes though. Since I think I look smaller in my 24 week photo than I do in week 23. I was wearing black, which is oh so slimming….ack not so much when you’re 6 months prego! I’m wearing the same dress in weeks 12 & 22!!! 10 week difference & that dress is definitely fitting different!

You could also say this has been a great way to track my hair growth…and color change. I haven’t had my hair cut since before that 15 week picture & you can totally tell! Those straggly ends are just some of the most attractive things ya ever did see!

Ok that is all.

No real point in this post other than just for me to track baby’s bigness for when I’m old & ragged & want to reflect on the good ‘ol days.

And to give you all a laugh for your Thursday!


Sarah said...

No laughing here! Only green with envy! You look so great!

Allison Leighann. said...

This is adorable! I can't wait to be a mama someday...and i don't even have a boyfriend at the moment, haha. It's gonna be awhile, I assume. :P