Baby E. 27 Weeks

{28 weeks today}

27 weeks edited
Baby E’s Stats

Baby: Little miss is the size of a rutabaga. I don’t even know what that is, but it’s over 14 inches long & possibly weighs over 2 pounds! She’s breathing, practicing her inhaling & exhaling!! And her brain is pretty active!

Sleep: Still hit or miss every night. Some nights I’m getting a solid 5 hours and other nights I am up every 2 hours staring at the clock.

Clothing: Hah. I bought a dress for Easter way back in January. Bought it in a size up. Put it on & it doesn’t fit. It’s too big yet too short. So after destroying my closet, I realized that I’m in serious trouble when the weather warms up & I can’t wear leggings under all of my dresses, cuz wowza they are short short short!!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Such a sweet tooth!! I want all things chocolate & sweet, which isn’t good since my glucose test is coming up!

Symptoms: Still getting short of breath all of the time. My doctor said it has to do with how short my torso is & how E is squishing everything. I can be at complete rest & I'll feel breathless…it’s not at all cool. Back & tailbone haven’t been as bad this week, but my legs are still getting achy at night.

Movement: Little gymnast or karate star in there!!!

Doctor’s Appointment: Had one this week & everything looked great! My midwife doesn’t have any concerns & I was shocked to see how much weight I had gained in 5 weeks but it’s still on track! We scheduled a 3d ultrasound & have one more appointment until we are down to every 2 weeks!! Ahh so close!

Gender: GIRL!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here. She will be our little Emma.

Best Moment of the Week: Mr. had Thursday off & we got to relax. I’m a go go go type of person & obviously that’s not a great trait when you’re pregnant so it was nice that my homebody husband made me stay in my jammies until 1 in the afternoon & just chill out! It’s always a bonus when we get to spend time together, just us!!!

Thoughts: With the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, I can’t help but feel incredibly overwhelmed about becoming a mom. Mary had to watch her son be crucified & beaten, knowing that this was the plan for him since he was born. I really can’t get my mind around the thought of that. The pain & despair she must have felt, even with the promise that God had given. I don’t think parents truly understand the sacrificial love that God has for us. There are no strings attached. I pray that the love I have for Emma is even a quarter of what my Heavenly Father feels for me. 

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Whitney Tomlin said...

Ugh, you still look so cute. I feel so ugly! BUT I am definitely going to have to find some dresses for summer because I'm not too sure how I will look pregnant in shorts? Lol!

Ruthie Hart said...

Look at that precious bump... 28 weeks.... ummm that is 12 weeks left OMG!

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