Baby E. 26 Weeks

{27 weeks today}

26 weeks edited
Baby E’s Stats

Baby: Little miss is the size of an eggplant or about 14 inches long & over 1.5 pounds! She’s soaking up all of my antibodies to help build her immune system (which could be why this head cold I’ve been fighting just won’t go away!). She also started practicing her blinking this week!

Sleep: I actually felt like I got a little more at the beginning of 26 weeks, but then I developed a head cold & that completely ruined it. I’m trying to sleep with my head propped up a little but then I wake up with a cramp in my neck. I can’t win!

Clothing: Still thinking I can squeeze myself into normal pants & that’s just silly of me.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I wanted peanut butter ice cream so bad this week! Even in the midst of endless snow, I thought eating a frozen treat was a good idea!! It was definitely yummy!

Symptoms: My legs are restless at night, my tailbone & sciatica are still painful at times, and I’ve been feeling incredibly short of breath lately. I don’t know if that last one has to do with the tightness/cramping I’m getting below my belly? Perhaps Braxton hicks are starting? I don’t really know what to expect with those so I’m not sure.

Movement: She’s still moving, although I’ve noticed she’s slowed down a little! Maybe she’s going through a growth spurt & is sleeping a lot more?

Doctor’s Appointment: Tomorrow! I don’t think I have an ultrasound, but hopefully we’ll be scheduling a 3d one! I’ll also be setting up an appointment for the obnoxious glucose test that somebody made a requirement. Wish I could opt out of drinking a drink that’s the equivalent of a bag of jelly beans…how can that be good for E?

Gender: GIRL!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here. She will be our little Emma.

Best Moment of the Week: Our leadership team at church has started sharing a Proverb with the team each day & it’s been pretty cool to see how God is using that to grow my faith. Especially in the realm of parenting. So many verses that I will be able to cling to and use as guidance to our little E someday!

Thoughts: This whole having a baby thing is beginning to get a whole lot more real. I think M is feeling the pressure about finding a different job and getting us out of his parents. I’m trying my best not to stress about it because I know God has a plan. It’s just so hard to wait. I feel like we are constantly in that state of waiting and guys, it’s a hard place to be. Especially when the weeks keep counting down & E’s delivery day just keeps getting closer. Would you pray for me? For us?

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