Friday’s Letters


Dear Husband, My heart is overflowing with joy when I see how much you love our E already! When you talk to her & smooch her (my belly) & pray for her…seriously my heart feels like it could burst. I always teased you and said you had a heart of ice, but becoming a daddy is definitely making that joke untrue. Dear Emma, I can’t believe we are only 13 weeks away from meeting you! The kicks and pokes you give me are so reassuring, even if they have been coming in the middle of the night. We’ll have to work on those sleep habits! Dear Spring, you are looking much different than I remember you. Last year we were enjoying 70 degree weather & this year I’m looking at snow out my window. What gives? Have we done something to offend you? You must come soon because all of my winter clothes are just getting way to short! Dear Head, I’d love for you to reattach yourself to my body now. The runny nose, achy eyes, scratchy throat, and overall feeling of disconnect is just about more than I can handle. I think you are rebelling against snow in spring. Dear Class, you were all too sweet when you found out baby girl was going to be Emma. Playtime just got a lot more confusing since you all have baby dolls mysteriously named Emma now! Dear Husband, Thank you for being such a hard worker! I know we are in a weird place right now, but seeing you seek after God and His plan for us, puts my weary heart to rest just a little bit.



Sarah said...

What a beautiful photo! Hope you start feeling better too!

Kelly said...

Great photo! Such a great daddy already! Happy Weekend! Stopping over from Friday's Letters.