Faith. Family. Ducks.

Ok, so that’s not the order of my priorities, but unless you’ve been living under a rock than I’m sure you have heard of the phenomenon that is “Duck Dynasty.” The show on A& E that follows a family of duck call makers who are millionares & have beards that flow well past their chins. They are also born-again Christians. Although most times anything they say that relates to Jesus gets cut form the show, you are guaranteed to see them praying at the end of each episode. Recently, this show has taken off! Literally blown up! People are going crazy for some Uncle Si.

Yes the show is absolutely hysterical & always entertaining, but the best part has been the interviews with some of the family members lately.

If nothing else, this show is presenting a little more “normal” family dynamic for us all to rely on other than a large number of other reality shows, that are far from real.

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