Baby E. 31 Weeks

{32 weeks today!}

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Baby E’s Stats

Baby: At one point this week she was labeled as my favorite fruit, pineapple!! Then the app went back to a squash. Seriously I don’t understand the comparisons. But she is now probably over 16 inches & we know she is almost 4 pounds…my little chunker already! All 5 of her senses are working properly and her iris’ now react to light! She’s getting ready for life outside the womb!!!

Sleep: Off & on. It’s getting uncomfortable to roll over in bed, so when my left side goes numb, I dread flipping over.

Clothing: Dresses, leggings, & maxi skirts. This won’t be changing for the next 2 months!!!

Food Cravings/Aversions: I’ve been wanting coffee so bad this week. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s like I went backwards & my body is just learning how to not have it every morning. Luckily church has decaf so I can get my fill, or lots of fills, on Sunday mornings!

Symptoms: Oy. I know most of my pain this week was from moving & trying to do too much. I’ve had a terrible knot in my shoulder for over a week & that has just gotten worse. My feet ache, my legs ache, my back aches. Everything just aches. Guess that’s what happens when you move at 7 months pregnant!

Movement: Felt her first foot in my ribs. And let’s just say it’s not comfortable! M & I love just sitting on the couch watching her squirm around in there!! Sometimes we can’t figure out what she’s doing because the shape of my stomach is so distorted…how in the world does she do it?

Doctor’s Appointment: Every 2 weeks for now! One coming up this week!

Gender: GIRL!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here. She will be our little Emma.

Best Moment of the Week: E had her first shower! My GLOW/Pearls threw a surprise shower for us after our monthly meeting Saturday! The mother of some of my girls has been planning this for months & it was so sweet. My mom & friends helped too!! The theme was “lil chickie” & everything was planned to a t! It was perfect & just made this baby thing seem so much more real! The girls wrote down their estimates of when E would be born & her weight/length. One of my sweet, sweet girls wrote June 1st!! AHHHH that is way to close for me haha I am not ok with that day! Most of them guessed I would go early, but I think that had to do with them just wanting to meet her!


{Seriously love these girls. Can’t even describe the joy I have knowing how much Emma will be loved by them}

Thoughts: Such a busy, tiring, blessed week! I’ve had so many emotions this week I could probably write a book! Life was happening & it was happening fast. Cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning, throwing stuff away, giving stuff away. Just a lot. It’s a good busy though. It’s one I’m embracing right now, because it means I have a home with my husband & I have a home that I can bring my daughter into & feel secure. It’s a really great feeling after such a long time of feeling despair! God is good, I can’t say it enough!!


My photographer (Brittany) forced me to take this weeks pictures outside instead of behind many closed doors! I’m not a shy person by any means…but this tested my boldness for sure! But for those of you who are like me and want to keep a sense of “similarity” to my baby bump pics, I made her snap one in our usual spot to use for the baby book!

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Ruthie Hart said...

I cannot believe she is 16 inches!! I was reading last night about baby heights at certain weeks and its crazy they are almost their birth height so early! And nothing cuter than a chunky baby girl!