The difference a year can make…

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Last Easter…

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This Easter.

Besides totally different hair colors, I think I’m noticing something much different! Due to a new dress fail, I had to find something in my closet to wear for Easter this year. And it just so happened that one of the only dresses that fit, was the one I wore last year. It’s funny to see how completely opposite that dress looks in a years time!

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Last Easter…

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This Easter.

My hubby’s still the most handsome man I know. And I’m looking more plump. But still ghostly white.

And now because those of you who know us in real life, know how much M hates pictures, let me provide you with some progression shots…

Easter 2Easter 3Easter 4
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I love this man! Can’t believe that in one years time we have changed & grown so much. We are having a baby & that doesn’t even seem real! God is so good. He truly does give us the desires of our hearts & they most certainly are on His schedule, not ours. Such a blessed life I have. May I never take my best friend or our sweet baby girl for granted.

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Sarah said...

Super cute photos! I love your hubby's silly facial expresions.