Baby E. 32 Weeks

{33 weeks today!}

32 weeks edited

Baby E’s Stats

Baby: Now we are back to a squash comparison. I’m thinking they mean a long summer squash or something because a pineapple is definitely bigger than a squash! But what do I know? The websites say she is almost 4 pounds and almost 17 inches long!! She now has fingernails, toenails, & real, fuzzy hair! Can’t wait to put bows in it it & paint those baby nails!!

Sleep: Still depends on the night. I’ve been exhausted lately & was hoping that would make it easy to fall asleep, but I think the opposite happens.

Clothing: Dresses, leggings, & maxi skirts. This won’t be changing for the next 2 months!!!

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still wishing I could have regular coffee every single day…but only a few more weeks! Loving watermelon & cantaloupe!

Symptoms: That knot in my shoulder is still coming and going. My feet are still swollen, to the point I can barely fit my right foot into a shoe..it’s not pretty people! I still get random sciatic pains, but nothing like I used to!

Movement: Still feels like she is doing flips in there! I’ve noticed the movement is definitely more noticeable on the outside. She must be stretching out because my stomach just gets rock hard and sticks right out & then it feels like she is sliding her foot or elbow across my belly!

Doctor’s Appointment: Every 2 weeks for now!

Gender: GIRL!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here. She will be our little Emma.

Best Moment of the Week: E had her second shower!! My mama threw this one & it was so perfect! She did such an amazing job & baby girl got so many cute clothes! My parents bought us our crib & I’m seriously ecstatic about it! I didn’t think anyone would actually get it for us & then to find out my parents bought it almost immediately after we put it on the registry was a nice surprise! I can’t believe the love people already have for Emma! It’s so amazing to see what babies do to people & how soft their hearts get!

Thoughts: I am loving being pregnant, I really am! Mike is so ready for her to be here & I am so not. Yes, I want to meet her and love on her, but I have this weird feeling that I am keeping her so protected in my belly right now & once she is born, I’ll be responsible for keeping her breathing and alive! Such a huge responsibility! I shouldn't say I’m worried about it, I just think I’m going to miss this feeling. The kicks & jabs & movement. How do mama’s cope with losing that “closeness” once baby is born? I’m so not ready to let our little bond go yet.

32 weeks 2 edited 
We got our maternity photos done yesterday & I can’t wait to see them! I was so unprepared for them & definitely wore this outfit above for them. HA. I’m going to do some more at the end of May to really get the final, big belly in some shots! Oh & in case you didn’t notice, I FINALLY got my hair done! Hallelujah, right? Those roots were really bad. I actually didn’t plan on getting any color, just a trim…but my hairstylist refused to let me leave her chair with my hair looking the way it was! So glad I listened to her!


Anonymous said...

You NEVER lose that closeness! They get even closer once they are born...there will be an emptiness in your belly, but an overflowing love and joy in your heart that fades that emptiness so quickly! And it is a lot of responsibility when they are on the "outside" haha, but you are going to do an amazing job! Tosha!

Sarah said...

I agree with the previous comment. I only felt closer to Aubrey once she was born. I breastfed (not sure what your plans are on that), but I think that only intensified the bond between us because my body was still providing for her and it was our own bonding time together. Get ready, lady! It only gets stronger and stronger!

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

your bump is ADORABLE! congratulations on baby girl!
i feel you with the closeness... my husband even thinks that im going to get depressed over not having a bump anymore. so many new feelings as we enter motherhood!

KRISTIN said...

You look wonderful! I was VERY ready to be finished with pregnancy but I definitely felt that feeling of loss when I thought about her being on the outside. It's definitely different and nothing can compare to feeling your baby move inside you but I PROMISE you, you will never feel closer to anything once you hold your sweet Emma! Thanks for linking up! :)

Christina McGuire said...


Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as your newest blogger. I'm enjoying your blog- congrats, motherhood is incredible. I just had my sweet baby girl six months ago. Hope you'll stop by my blog.

All the best,

Christina @ The McGuire Family


Heather Marie said...

you look SOO cute! What is E's full name or are you not announcing it until she is here?! Just a new follower :)


Heather Marie said...

oops just saw. emma! love that name!

Nicole @ The Style Hatch said...

You are ADORABLE!!! Such a cute bump and your face is just glowing!! Reading this made me reflect on the feeling I had when I was pregnant with my son- so similar! It's crazy because with this pregnancy I don't think as much about it, but I still have 17 weeks to go! :)