Fridays Letters

Dear Hubby, You are rocking this upcoming daddy role! E is such a lucky little lady to have you! I’m excited for you to paint her nursery & make it special for her! I love how much you love her already! Dear Weather, You have been so nice lately & then my weather app says possible snow showers on Monday….what in the world? It’s May in case you got confused. Dear Home, I can’t believe we have already lived in you for 2 weeks! The past year and a half is already feeling like a blimp in time. Slowly you are becoming “ours”…and Emma’s too since she’s got A LOT of stuff already! Dear Bump, You are feeling heavier & larger by the day. You are also causing some pretty sexy cankles & swollen feet. And by sexy I mean hideous. Dear God, I am amazed at your faithfulness. Your timing is so much sweeter than ours. And your plans for our lives will never compare to our measly momentary wants. The Lord truly does give us the desires of our hearts & in 4 weeks I will officially become a stay at home mama. I can’t even type that without tears forming. The journey He has taken us on has been emotional and trying, but in the end He had it all worked out. M’s calling it my retirement & I’m ok with that :)


Heather Marie said...

ahh loved all of these pregnancy letters. congrats on your little bundle of joy! a new follower :)


Michelle said...

Must be so exciting decorating the nursery. Its going to look gorgeous Im sure :) Hope your having a relaxing weekend x