Baby E. 34 Weeks

{35 weeks today}

34 weeks edited
Baby E’s Stats

Baby: A butternut squash or large cantaloupe! She’s estimated to weigh almost 5 pounds OR more! (which is possible since she was over 3.5 pounds at 29 weeks!) She’s also about 18 inches long, she won’t grow length wise much over the next few weeks, but she’s sure to be putting on the pounds as her fat layers are filling out! And the urinating thing, thebump.com says she’s going about a pint a day…interesting & weird fact all in one.

Sleep: Not really. Some nights I’m able to make it to about 3 or 4 before I have to use the bathroom, but once I get up to go I never really fall back asleep & usually end up going another 3 times before the alarm goes off. And let’s not talk about how much baby hates when I sleep on my left side.

Clothing: Still the same as last week. Dresses, leggings, & skirts! I had an old navy dress that I bought thinking it would be perfect for now & after baby comes. Then I washed it according to the directions & it shrunk about 4 inches. Now it’s basically a shirt.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Salsa & white cheese dip from a local Mexican restaurant. I went 2x this week basically for that dip. I just finished the leftovers last night, so hubs might be making a stop to pick up some more! It’s just that good!

Symptoms: Same as last week. Aches & pains all over, swollen ankles & feet, & oh we can add bloody noses to the list. I get about 3 a day.

Movement: Yep! But it’s becoming less “kick-like” and more just she’s stretching out and pushing her butt out. I can still feel her heel sliding across my belly all of the time though.

Doctor’s Appointment: Next week, then it’s every week from there on out!

Gender: GIRL!! We are overcome with joy! If you missed our announcement, you can see it here. She will be our little Emma.

Best Moment of the Week: Hubby finished painting her room & now it’s time to decorate! Finding furniture that fits & is justified is proving to be a challenge though. It’s such a small room, we are really limited so I have to get creative! E had her 3rd shower this week! The ladies at work threw me a breakfast shower & besides the yummy food, Emma got tons of gifts! Lots of outfits & necessities! One of my sweet teacher friends even got mama a fun “care package” with candles, bubble bath, & a book! That’s my kind of gift! Little E is so loved already & I’m so blessed to have so many people in my life who are just as excited to spoil meet her!

Thoughts: I’m feeling so anxious to meet her, but so not ready yet. It’s such a strange feeling. I want her to be here so I can cuddle her & see her beautiful face, but I am such a type-a person (gasp, who would’ve thought! shocker right?) that I still have so much to get done before she makes her arrival! I like to be “prepared” for things. And yes, before you all comment that you can never REALLY be prepared for a baby, I know that. I do. I just mean, I don’t have any of her clothes washed, I don’t have a bag packed, I don’t have her room finished, I still have 1 more shower to make it through, etc……. The list goes on. Let’s not mention what I need to finish up at work & at church to feel ok about taking a very quick break from it when E comes! Like I said last week, we are praying that God delivers her at the perfect time and in His perfect will, so whenever she comes will be AMAZING & WONDERFUL. Just won’t lie when I say this mama needs just a few more weeks to get stuff done:)

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Ruthie Hart said...

Looking GREAT!!! I am sorry you are getting bloody noses :( I get about 1 a day... ugh. Let the count down begin!

Anonymous said...

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Heather Leigh said...

Aww so sorry about the bloody noses. I had them when I was pregnant too! =/ Love your blog and LOVE LOVE that verse. It is also on my blog as well. (I promise I'm not copying you!!) LOL. Be blessed girl! :)

Olivia said...

I found you through Ruthies blog and read that your baby girl decided to come early and is very healthy!! Congratulations!! I can't wait to see pictures of her!

Meg {henninglove} said...

You look great Liz!! Love your maternity style I hope I look as good as you at 34 weeks!