Friday’s Letters

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Dear Body, you just continue to grow. This series of pictures in the same shirt really proves just how amazing the woman’s body is during pregnancy. Let’s see if I can make it another 6 weeks to get a pic in this shirt again! Dear M, love you so much. You continue to make me laugh every single day. Even, or should I say especially, on days when these hormones are raging wild & I act like a crazed lunatic. We’re almost to the end! Dear House, I can’t help but smile when I think about you. Yep, an inanimate thing & it makes me so giddy! I love everything about you, except the very loud next door neighbor girls who play on our porch & try peeking into our door when I’m laying on the couch with my pregnant belly hanging out. Yea…how’s that for a visual on your Friday morning :) Dear E, we are so close to meeting you. SOCLOSE! But, mama still has lots to get done before you make your grand entrance so I’m ok with you staying nice & cozy in there for awhile longer! Dear Weekend, I’m so glad you’re here! Now if you could move verrrrrrry slowly, I won’t be upset!



Victoria said...

You have the cutest belly!! I know you are ready to meet that bundle of joy! Hope you have a good weekend!

Sara Yonker said...

I feel your pain with the bump clothes! I'm a new follower, come by and check me out! goneyonkers.blogspot.com