Making Goals.




Taking a quick break from Emma’s (mile 10 mile long) birth story to set some goals for myself. I see these posts floating around & get some serious enjoyment out of reading them. I’m a list girl, always have been…always will be. I love lists. I love crossing things off my list even more. Yes, I’m the person who writes something that I’ve already done just so I can cross it out. Boom… I like lists ok?

So in an attempt to be more deliberate with my days & less of a last minute lucy, I’m making myself a list, or goals, to accomplish this month.

December Goals:
Finish reading A Beautiful Offering (started this 6 months ago, unheard of for a girl who finishes books in 2 days. time to read)
Make stockings for all of us (should be an interesting project)
Go on a date with my man 
Sort Emma’s clothes & organize her closet (donate, sell, gift all the things she never wore or doesn’t fit in anymore)
Keep up with putting my clothes away after laundry day (serious bad habit of letting them sit in the basket or on the bed for days)
Start Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (bout time this mama actually lost some weight..ick)
Use less creamer in my coffee (scary concept…amiright?)
Finish my Christmas shopping earlier than December 24th & without spending a butt-ton of money
Take Emma’s Christmas card picture. Order some cards. Send them out
Drink hot chocolate & cuddle on the couch & watch Christmas movies with my people
Start Emma on some real food (mama’s-recommendations please? this scares me…)
Get a massage (happening today, so consider this one crossed off!)
Stick to my meal plans each week
Plan & start the BC children’s ministry “raise so much money for computers for kids in Ghana” event!!!
Get dressed, as in out of sweatpants, more than 2 days a week
Make 100 shoe patterns at the GLOW Sole Hope shoe cutting party
Tell Mike how thankful I am for him, everyday (And smooch his face when he gets home everyday)
Make E do tummy time for a few minutes everyday (so bad at this, poor girl grew a hatred for this while she was in her harness)
Have January lesson plans done by December 18th 
FINISH writing Emma’s birth story (no ifs ands or buts about this one. I need to close this chapter of writing it)

So, there ya have it. My list. Oh how I love lists, they are most definitely my jam! 

What are your December goals friends?


Amanda Yanetsko said...

Hello friend! Wholesome baby food was the best site I found :) they have lists of when to introduce what and tons of recipes! Good luck!

Liz Edwards said...

Yes!! Thank you! I'll check that site out!

Katie said...

i need to do work out videos more often! and I want to make stockings too but can't believe were already one week into december!! I need to cook more meals and eat healthier and make more intentional time with Chris this month!

Liz Edwards said...

Love your goals friend!! Accountability partners maybe?!