Overnights. Part 19

Wednesday, June 19

When I get to the hospital, Mike says that he got about 1 hour of sleep. Emma took 26 at midnight and 70 at 5 am. She was really fussy throughout the night. M thinks it was because it was a different bed then she was used to and he didn’t swaddle her very well. He also experienced her first blow out.. All the way up her back and then she peed while he was changing her. I had to laugh at that!

She’s ready to eat at 9:30 and takes 70 ml.

Lynn decides to start her discharge papers. Which is really just a checklist hung by her bed to mark things off that they’ve already tested for. Lynn just keeps encouraging us that we are almost done. Almost there. We give E a bath to rid her of the poopy blow out smell.

Mike said that the Dr’s mention wanting to do an MRI, but he didn’t get any other information.

The PA comes in to examine E.. She notices a “clunk” in her hip and wants to do an ultrasound to make sure it’s nothing serious. They toss around braces, casts, & surgery…and my little glimmer of hope flashes out for a second. What more can they possibly find wrong with my sweet girl..

The neurologist comes in and checks Emma.. Says there’s no reason to do an MRI, she looks and acts great.

She takes 65ml at her next feeding & we put her down for a nap.

We go to the mall & lunch.

E is ready to eat when we get back & takes 60 ish.

Emma & I cuddle for a bit after Mike and Tony leave to head home. Around 10 pm, the nurses say that we can go down to the overnight room. They don’t send any monitors with me though. Basically, the monitors are only hooked to E because she is in the NICU. But at this point, and for awhile before, she hasn’t needed the monitors. So the nurse sees no point in bringing then down for the night since E doesn’t need them.

E gets fussy around 11 but falls back asleep until midnight. I nurse her and she does really well on the left side & then takes 67. She seems really upset but won’t take anymore from the bottle.

I put her in her crib & try getting comfortable on the pull out couch… side note-not comfortable.

Thursday, June 20

Up around 3:30, nurse comes down at 4 and takes Emma’s vitals. I nurse her and she takes 54 from the bottle. Totally passes out again before I can get her to finish it.

Up again at 7:30 and I nurse her. She drinks 58 at 8 am. The nurse takes her back to her room & tells me to get a few hours of sleep before I have to be out of the room so it can be cleaned.

Once I’m up & ready, I go to Emma’s room. The nurse says she is still gaining weight which is great news.
The doctor stops me in the hall and says she wants to keep observing Emma for 2-3 more days. … I feel like I’ll lose it if I hear that time frame again. She tells me that Emma’s urination level has decreased, but when I ask the nurse about it she doesn’t seen any of that in the chart.

E chugs 80 at her next feeding and acts like I’ve been starving her.

Head out for lunch and target while E naps.

I visit with Lauren, the adoptive mom for a bit. I pump before going back in to see E.

Nurse says she took 80 ml again!

There are some new twins being admitted… Completely heartbreaking and hard to watch as they do the same things to these precious babes as they did to mine a few weeks ago… The dr asks if I’m ok or if I need to step out while they work, before I can answer.. a few nurses chuckle and say “oh no, Liz is a pro in here…she could probably help us out if we need it.” Ha yea …you know you’ve been there too long when that happens. One of the twins crashes and the dad is ushered closer to the door. The pain and fear in his eyes is horrifying. I am again, so thankful that I didn’t have to witness much of the first 24 hours of Emma’s journey…

Mike and his parents show up, but because the doctors are still working on the new twins only Mike is able to come back for a quick visit. We go out and get pizza while we wait for them to finish.

I go visit Lauren & the twins in their new room. Cuddle with little Avery & she is the sweetest. We swap gifts! You know I had to buy those cuties some clothes. They are tiny little things!! Lauren crotched the prettiest hat for Emma!

Nate is visiting when I make it back to Emma’s room.

Mike walks me out & heads back in to stay with Emma for the night…

The journey feels like it’s been going on forever & I leave that night with a hope that maybe by the end of the weekend I’ll be taking my baby home…

Oh, how little I really knew…

How big our God is…










to be continued…


thejukebox said...

Awww, she's adorable! I love her name! Emma's my favorite girl name and if I ever have a daughter, I'm going to name her that.

xx Courtney

amanda said...

I found your blog randomly through Whitney Tomlin, mrandme.blogspot.com, & I've been reading your blog posts for some time now. I'm not a mother or wife, but I found your blog posts so interesting. I love how your story tells such a great journey with so many trials and tribulations but at the same time a story of hope and loyalty to God. I read your stories every time you post, and I check the blog daily for them. Not only to hear how your sweet baby girl fought and see the most precious pictures although I don't know any of you, but to just listen to your inspiring words. You speak with such wisdom and have been slowly teaching me how to be more and more loyal each day to our great God. Thank you for sharing your life and inspiring me to love stronger. You don't know me, but I wanted to let you know.. you probably don't realize how much I appreciate your blog. I'm very anxious to hear how this story ends up. I am ready to hear how your sweet girl is doing currently. You've truly touched my life & let me know just how great our savior can be and how in the absolute hardest times, we're supposed to grow closer to our Lord instead of question and turn away from Him. God bless you & your family!

trustxthis said...

She is so perfect!!!!

Liz Edwards said...

thank you!

Liz Edwards said...

Oh Amanda! Thank you , thank you for such sweet words of encouragement! You just have no idea how much it makes me smile to know that even a tiny portion of Emma's story touched you! It is certainly hard to remember how to trust sometimes, but it is oh so very worth it! xoxo

Liz Edwards said...

Oh yay! It's a sweet name for sweet girls :) Thank you!