One Year Ago.

It’s hard to believe that exactly one year ago, Mike & I were finally sitting at the midwife’s office to hear our babies heartbeat & hopefully sneak a peak. My heart is all over the place as I think back to the excitement and anxiousness I remember feeling. According to my guess, I was about 15 weeks along. I wasn’t feeling sick & I was most definitely gaining weight. But the tiny twinge of doubt was there. The wonder if maybe this baby wasn’t really a baby at all. I was nervous when the nurse sent me to the bathroom to give her a urine sample. I was nervous when she took the cup from me to test it. I was nervous when she walked into the room with no sign of yes or no on her face.

But then. Then He showed me just how faithful He always is.

The nurse told us that we were very pregnant. My midwife came in & said why don’t we check this little peanut out. She rolled an ancient machine over to the side of the bed & put that ice cold gel on my belly! I could hear Mike breathing to my left & I knew that making eye contact with him would send me into a fit of tears.

And then we heard our babies heartbeat. So strong. So loud. So perfect.

After a little moving of the wand, our Emma appeared on the screen & gave us a wave.

A little hello.

A big reminder that any doubt I had felt was completely wrong.

IMG_3368 edited

knit together in my womb…


sent as a treasure, a gift…

336 ALTRA_EDWARDS_20130410_160241_0003

to this…


My sweet Emma…


The one that made 2013 my best year yet.

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Katie said...

I keep going back around this time to where we were one year ago today. it is crazy how much changes and how much you love your baby!! it still amazes me that that tiny waving baby turned into the babies we have now!