Family is the {best}

The last week of August, Mr's sister & her family came to town. They live in Arizona and only make it in for a visit once or twice a year. It's a bummer they don't live here because we always have such a great time when they visit.

This trip was no exception. My husband has an amazing family. I always say I can never leave him because then I would lose his family. (no worries, I cherish my vows..no need for comments about that) 

We went to the beach.

Don't you just love sitting on the sand, looking out into the ocean? Or in my case the lake? Still beautiful, still a  glimpse into God's beauty.

 The cousin's boy, the Mr., & another cousin. I have about 5 other versions of this picture because, as you all know, boys will be boys when the camera comes out.

Such a sweet girl. Mr.'s cousin Alyssa. I've been around this family for 8 yrs, so it's safe to say I have been through a lot with this chicky.

Played in the sprinkler.

A little wrestling with Papa.

Ate S'mores around the bon-fire.

Acted like a cat, while posing for Auntie Liz.

Sat still for a second w/ Auntie Liz for a picture.

Spent time relaxing.

Played with Auntie Liz's iPhone funny face app.

Snuggled w/ my hubby. 

Picture overload, I'm sure. We had the best time. Erin, if you are reading this, thank you for being such an amazing sister-in-law. You are such a role model as a wife & mommy. I wish we lived closer so I could learn from you more often.

I hope you, my bloggy friends, take time to enjoy your families. Even the ones who live close and you see often. Cherish the relationships you have with them.

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hannah singer said...

hooray for sweet family time! every moment is precious. thanks for the reminder to appreciate the friends and family in our lives!


Stephanie said...

Family time is the best! I loved ALL your pics!:)

Meredith said...

precious pictures...the beach looks beautiful! looks like y'all had a blast together :)