Finally a Photog Friend!!!

So it’s no secret that I am obsessed with taking pictures. I dream of having a fancy canon or nikon at my side at all times. Instead I stick with my little point & shoot, that really doesn't shoot that great. But then this great gal named Kristan came into my life & now I get to live vicariously through her because she actually has a functioning photography business.

You might remember some photobooth pics she took for our GLOW sleepover?

And she took some great pics at a friends birthday party.


Then she agreed to come snap some pics of my kids practicing for their Easter service dance.

worship 2
worship 3

And some group shots for the photo wall in the new Studio 2:52 children's church room.

group 3
group 2

Isn’t she amazing? Believe me, I’m working on getting the Mr. to get some couple shots done….soon!

I’m pretty much in picture heaven every time she tells me more pictures are ready! It’s great really.

Now I just need her to teach me her tricks! Oh and get a big girl camera!

You can check her out at Seasonal Wind Studio. So go. Now!

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Ruthie Hart said...

she is so talented! wow!! those pictures of the kiddos practicing are just too precious for words