It's Spring Fling Time Friends

Today’s the day! The Spring Fling party is here!


You know what this means, right?

You can bust out your flip-flops & tank tops! No, too soon still? For me it is since spring in NY means temps still in the 40’s. So I’ll just live vicariously through all of you that link up your spring ideas!!

When I think of Spring, I think of fruits & veggies & chocolate. Yes, chocolate. Mainly Oreo Balls. They are yummy & delicious & super easy! (fyi Tree-I think we need to make a batch soon)

You can dip them in white chocolate…
photo 1
Or milk chocolate…
photo 3

Seriously, it’s like a party in your mouth! And the possibilities are endless! My friend just made cookie-dough balls. You could make twix balls or snickers balls or peppermint patty balls.

Ready for the easy recipe?

Crush 1 package of Oreo’s. Mix with 1 package of cream cheese. Stick in the freezer for awhile.  Roll into little balls. Dip into your chocolate pick. Sprinkle with whatever you want!!

Now for the details of this fabulous link-up:
There are no mandatory rules to follow, but I promise that once you visit the other ladies who are co-hosting this, you will WANT to be their friends.

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Don’t click over there just yet though. You are going to want to link up & enter the huge giveaway. And by huge I mean, really huge. Like I want to win it!

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Good luck!

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Ashlie Ortega said...

OMG I cannot wait to mek these.......They look lovely. Thanks for sharing! I'm your new GFC follower. I found your blog through the Linnk Up. (thankful)
Cannot wait to check back. Thanks for hosting! Happy Monday!