A Reminder & An Order

Have ya’ll linked up to the Spring Fling yet? It’s your last chance to get your spring ideas posted & shared with a ton of readers!


And now for your order…

Go here & buy this.


It’s a blog planner from Dig Deep Design! Rushelle is amazing. She has become such a sweet friend in “real-life” & that makes me extremely happy. Her heart is overflowing and it’s totally obvious when you read her blog about her family and check out her designs in her shop.

planner 2
blog planner

It has seriously forced me to be more pro-active with this blog of mine. Sometimes I feel like I don’t write anything because I don’t have anything of worth to say & I’m trying to come up with something amazing at the last minute. Now I’m all for pressure under fire & usually I whip something pretty good up, but this is helping me to really focus on planning. Which we all know is pretty key when you lead an uber-busy life!

{AND-----she is in top-secret working on a bracelet design for my GLOW girls! So far, I am loving them!}

It’s pretty cool to call her friend.
So go now & check out all of her work! You won’t regret it. Pinky promise!

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