GLOW gets wet!

What type of leader would I be if I didn’t plan the coolest summer events? A boring one. I’m anything but boring, so of course a trip to the beach was on the agenda for the summer of GLOW. Our original date got rained out. Wah. I might have sobbed a little when the final go ahead to cancel was given, but that day ended up being lots of fun with just a few of the girls. The day we rescheduled to ended up having a chance of rain too but this hip chick threw caution to the wind and said let’s go! I mean we are going to the beach. To swim. What’s a few sprinkles! We had 18 girls go! Some may call me crazy, but I call it AWESOME! Yea, I’m crazy like that. (ha, did ya catch that?) I’d try to explain everything that made that day so special, but sometimes I think pictures speak a thousand words. So, enjoy a thousand pictures, err pictures that speak words.

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{Most of the pictures are straight from the camera. My time is slim pickins here & instead of editing pictures, I’d rather be thinking up other outrageous and fun things to do with these pretty little ladies!}


Erin said...

what fun!! :) love all these pics - you are such a good role model for these kids!

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

Just found your blog from over at Texas Lovebirds page -glad I did! I'm loving it so far...just read your "about me" section and learned what GLOW was - how neat...that's a good passion to have! Excited to be your newest follower!

Tyler said...

Looks like so much fun! :)