So, take a guess at what just happened? Go ahead, you’ll never figure it out. Anyone? Remember when I told ya’ll that we put a new transmission in my car, less than a month ago? Yea. That little booger strikes again. Now she’s all out there sitting in my driveway waiting to shake like crazy when I turn her on. Don’t ask me anything else about it because I’m no car girl, but to give you an analogy. It feels like a lawn mower does right before it shuts up, I mean off. Like puttputtputt shakeshakeshake squeksqueksquek. She’s not on my good side. And yes, my car is a her. What other reason do I have for something that gives me so much trouble. Not sure what is causing it, but it’s got me all in a wad. A bad one. You see, LOTS of amazing things happened over the past week. Like going from feeling hopeless and stuck in my current situation, to getting 3 jobs. Yep, you read that right. THREE! One of them is essentially a bonus addition to a “job” I’ve already been doing for months. One is random & on the side for now. And the third, well that is an exciting new adventure that I thought would never happen again. I’ll go into detail this week. Pinky promise. But today I’ll spend trying to let those 3 positives, trump that nasty brat that’s parked in the doghouse driveway waiting for M to get home and deal with it. After the day I got to drive all around the earth with a broken transmission & 3 yr old in the backseat, I’m choosing to let her sit and wallow in her own misery until someone else deals with it. I think I ‘m done. The more I type, the more I sound like a lunatic. Talking about my car like she’s a person. Womp.

And since nothing is complete without a picture..
You’re welcome.

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