Hello new job! And the 3 kids I had in my class today. All super adorable & well behaved. I need to do lots of over planning since it takes us about 2.5 seconds to finish something. It was awesome. So awesome that this happened.


Just kidding. This is what really happened.


Although, don’t be surprised if I fall asleep as soon as a I’m in the car. No worries, I’m not driving.

Hello amazing best friend who took me out to celebrate my new job. I laughed a lot & maybe cried a tear or two. What else do you do with best friends? Besides miss the 3rd part of your trio cuz she couldn't come :(


Hello adorable baby friend who I get to snuggle with on Sundays!! Yes, she’s smiling at me because she thinks I’m hysterical when I make strange faces. Whatever works!


Hello little girl that’s growing up too fast and starts kindergarten next week. NOT OK.


Hello cute new classroom that is the perfect size and quaintness. But you don’t have a corkboard & that hurts my feelings. And my thumbs from all the hammering I did to pretend I had a corkboard.


Hello plan book. I didn’t really miss you, not gonna lie. But it did feel great to tear out that old label and rip it to shreds.


Hello most delicious dollar I’ve ever spent.


Hello hot husband who takes naps in walmart. I love him, like for real want to pee myself when he does something silly. That’s what ya call a healthy marriage. Bladder issues from laughing too much. Don’t worry husband if you’re reading this, I won’t tell everyone you let me take a  pic of you in a pink cowgirl hat. OOPS!

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Ginger said...

When I went back to teaching after 10 years as a SAHM, I had three kids in my class at a Christian school. It was hard in a lot of ways! Hope your year goes well.

Brianna said...

Hahaha!! I'm the silly one in our marriage. He gets really embarassed when we go to IKEA because I literally claim a bedroom or kitchen and sit there for an hour pretending it's mine.