I’m a nerd.

Or so everyone is telling me since I got these…

DSC_0040 2

And ya know what? I’m totally ok with it!


Not only because all of my friends look stellar in them…


Or because this little chick can definitely rock them…

g in glasses

And I promise not because this pretty peach just couldn’t resist trying them on…

DSC_0010 2
(no worries, no child was harmed in the taking of this picture)

It’s definitely because they are comfortable & fit perfectly with my hat… (which we all know is a pretty important factor)

me in glasses

And because they make me feel better when my eyes whole body is tired…

glasses and coffee

I’m in love with these babies & I’m finding myself wearing them ALL the time. Which if you know me at all, you will get that I’m not a person who just jumps for joy when I have to wear glasses. I’ve needed them since I was a freshman in high school. And I’ve tried pair after pair. But guess what happens? I NEVER wore them. Seriously. Every time I went to the eye doctor, I got a dirty look and horrible report from the doctor. He would write me a new script and let me take an hour to pick out new frames, but it never mattered to me. My eyes are just continuing to get worse because I refuse to wear my glasses. But now. Oh friends BUT NOW, I have these beauties to rock & oh will I ever. Just this weekend I wore them 3 days in a row! 3!! That’s gotta be a record for this gal, hubby can verify. I’m definitely embracing the glasses and it’s all thanks to this super cool company called Firmoo! They have a great selection and seriously the nicest customer service. I think I bothered the rep a million times with different questions because I’m clueless and didn’t understand the form I needed to fill out.

Here is a little bio on the company:

“Here at Firmoo, we offer over 300 styles of affordable and stylish frames for you to choose from. Customers even can buy 8 pairs of different eyewear on our site instead of only one pair at the local retail outlet or mall with the same amount money. Different clothes, different mood, different glasses every day, sounds interesting, huh? And if you don’t want to rack your brain to think it over which style suits you most, we offer Virtual Try-On System that helps you see how you look with our glasses or sunglasses. You even are able to use your own photo to try our eyewear virtually, and also you can share your awesome try-on photo on yours and Firmoo’s Facebook wall and see what your friends think of it.”

Sounds pretty great, right?

It get’s better because they offer this program that lets you receive your first pair FREE! That’s right, I said FREE! If you are a first time buyer, your eyewear is completely FREE! All the knitty & gritty details can be found here. And by knitty & gritty, I really mean easy & simple.

Now I’m off to get the hubby’s prescription so we can get him a fancy new pair of specs!


And because I’m assuming y’all are nosy too, here is the link to the pair that I chose. I picked the black matte style. Oh and don’t mind the snazzy dress I’m showcasing in these pictures. I’d love to say I dressed up for the photo shoot, but really it was chapel day at school and this was the most put together I had looked in over a week so I forced & bribed the MR to snap my picture. #lifeofateacher 

What are you still doing here? Click on over and get yourself some new shades! Eyeglasses or sunglasses. Pick your fancy!

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christie elkins. said...

Hey! Lovely blog :) I actually chose the same lenses for my upcoming product review. They look adorable on you and your friends!