Do Something.

It’s no secret where my passion lies. It’s girls. Pre-teen & teen.

They are our future.

Our future wives, mamas, teachers, role-models. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out just how much the world is influencing their lives. The media, their friends, music, books, heck even their parents can be putting negative thoughts in their minds. It’s saddening to look at statistics about teen pregnancies, suicides, bullying cases. Like I for real want to throw up when I look at them. Maybe you should look at them. Maybe if you don’t feel like throwing up, you aren’t doing enough. You don’t care enough. You aren’t sensitive enough to what’s really happening in our world today. Girls are being told everyday that they are worth nothing. That they aren’t going to amount to anything of value. That they are mistakes. That they are not worthy in anyone’s eyes.

And what do most people (adult women) do when they hear this?

Absolutely nothing.

I can’t be one of those people. I refuse to be one of them.

A girl is God’s daughter. She is valuable and worthy and respected and loved.

I want them to KNOW that.

To know that with every ounce of their being, they are perfectly created by their mighty King.

We have to finally stand up and show these girls support. Let’s pour into their hearts all the wonderful things God has planned for them. Show them how to seek after His will. Understand that the words people say to them don’t always have to be true.

One person can change everything. One girl can change everything.

It only takes one.

Seriously. Just one.

We have the chance to speak life or speak death.

And ya know what happens when we choose death? That girl you just criticized or put down, she’s about to go do the same thing to another girl. Why? Because that’s what you are enabling her to do by speaking death over her. You are showing her it’s ok. You are setting the example. One that says it’s completely acceptable to be rude. Be hurtful. Be anything by compassionate.


What happens when we choose life? Well, you just filled that girl with a smile. You made her heart sing. And she’s about to go do the same thing to another girl. That cycle will continue. Tons of girls will hear encouragement. Girls will know that at least one person in this crazy world cares about them.

If even just one person chose to speak life into the hearts of young girls, our world would change

Instead of just teaching my girls to glow, I want to glow for them. I want to teach the pearls to be just that. A pearl full of wisdom and guidance.

What am I doing if I’m not living by the same expectations?

Conviction has been heavy on my heart lately. Am I really teaching them by example? Of course I am, but is the example the right one? Am I living a life that leaves absolutely no doubt in their minds that I live to serve the Lord? That I always choose words that speak life?

Are you?


Lauren said...

I couldn't read the last part because an ad is covering it in my browser (could just be my browser) but I completely agree! It's so hard being a girl growing up today and I feel like women should KNOW that because we all have faced it - and it's even worse now than it was for those of us in our 20s and older. I feel such a responsbility to speak life and joy into my daughters. Parents especially play such a pivotal role. Beyond that though, we can all influence the lives of other women, and young girls by just setting a great example and treating others with respect despite our differences whether they be parenting styles, political views, shape and size... You name it! I think sometimes the biggest thing holding women back is other women - it shouldn't be like that. We need to support each other and the younger generations so we have an ally in each other, not an enemy.

Rachel said...

You're so right! In all of this--I hope that I am choosing to speak life throughout every day!